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Legit Fit has been designed by Professionals, for Professionals to make sure you get everything you need. You and your clients can access the software, anytime, anywhere from any device.


Use our calendar to manage your schedule and bookings.

Online Booking

Publish your sessions and classes online so clients can view upcoming schedules and book online.

Payment Processing

Collecting payments from clients is easy. Our payment system accepts both credit card and direct debit.

Billing & Invoicing

Get breakdowns of how your company is progressing along with detailed analytics and receipts.

Easy-to-Use Interface

using Legit Fit is easy. Our development team worked hard to make our system as intuitive as possible.

Online Market Place

Grow your business even further by increasing your visibility using our online marketplace.

How Legit Fit Helps Professionals

Save Time, Increase Revenue

You can focus on training your clients while Legit Fit saves you time, effort and monet while helping grow your business.

Reduce Client Attrition

Use the platform to foster stronger helthier client relationships. Legit Fit's software provides several features to support you in nurturing the critical relationship with your client.

Run your Business from Anywhwhere

Log in online anytime, anywhere. It's software that's smart and easily accessible. Why make things hard! We've crafted the platform to be easy to use, while still offering powerful features designed to help your business.

Online Marketplace

Promote and showcase the brand you have created for your business on the platform's online marketplace.


For Individual Professionals




Unlimited clients

Session scheduling

Shared timetable

Easy online bookings

Payment processing

Automated waiting list

Attendance tracking

CRM Tools

Business insights

Write and keep client notes

Priority support

Instant messaging

Client goal setting

Give clients feedback



System access control

Reduced Payment Processing Fees

Coming Soon

Mobile App

Even more features in development

Public marketplace

Online product store

Upload, store and share documents

For Enterprise

Run a gym or manage multiple professionals?

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